Our Services

Interior design with support of designer

Our design consultancy service helps the customer to develop his project in every aspect.
Our 30 years experience allows us to advise design solutions for every need; otherwise, we can plan, make and install custom-made furniture, in cooperation with architects, designers and workshops.
We do on-site inspections on demand and without obligation.
Puntocasa can look after your project from the very beginning to the finishing.

Our workshops:

  • carpentry
  • joinery
  • weaving

Export organization and logistic

Our clients are architects, designers and customers from the whole world over.
This is why we offer an efficient service inclusive of order, purchase, storage and export logistic through the main international courriers.

Installation and assembly

We think that architect's supervision is necessary even during installation to obtain an excellent result in every respect.
This is why, if necessary, we send our technical team together with the architect responsible for the project.

Ease of ordering

We are avalaible for any quote request. To place an order following our best offer, contact us directly:

Authenticity and Warranty

We can attest to the absolute authenticity of all our products.
Every product we supply benefits of warranty, equal to or greater than the standard of 2 years, and it's supplied with specific documentation and quality certification.
We can also contact the companies for any request related to the product or for original spare parts.